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One pass system that de-husk raw paddy, then polish the brown rice into white rice.

Product features

1. Driven by diesel engine, suitable for area without electric support.
2. Fully Automatic Operation & Electric start
3. Added a bucket elevator, more convenient for feeding raw paddy.
4. Equipped with a small generator to drive the elevator.
5. Less power consumption than diesel generator set and less investment cost.
6. Good quality white rice; low temperature rise; small bran content; low broken rice rate & high rice output rate.
7. Compact structure, and convenient operation and repair.
8. It has two sets of disk mill /grinder device, husk is crushed two times, higher efficiency & finer chaff(only for  HLNF115SD&150SD ).

Main technical parameters

Type Capacity (Kg/h) Power (Kw) Notes
HLN-115AD 900-1300 15-18.5  
HLN-150AD 1300-1700 22  
HLN-200AD 1800-2800 37.5  
900~1000  22  Fine chaff
HLNF-150SD 1300~1500  30  Fine chaff   
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