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1. What are spare parts of a rice milling machine?
The spare parts of a rice milling machine include the rice huller screen, the huller blade, and the whitening cylinder. Because of the frequent friction that occours between these parts and the grain, many spare parts are easily worn down to some degree. With excessive wear, the yield and quality of white rice will markedly decrease.  At this time, you should change the spare parts. Please refer to the User Manual for information on disassembling and installing spare parts.
2. How to choose a rice milling machine?
For the target of rice processing and selling white rice to build a medium or small-scale rice processing plant, Medium or large-scale rice mills are available. These can process 10 - 100 tons of rice per day. If the processing plant is small, then Medium or small-scale rice mills will be suitable, and combined rice mills are available. These can process around several tons. If the use is for a family or moveable street vendor, then the small scale or moveable milling machines is the best option.
3. What shipping methods do we offer?
In order to ensure safe shipping of our goods, we package the machines within a wooden box (except when a complete set of equipment is ordered) . Generally, we use Sea transportation for shipping.
4. I am an importer, can you supply the OEM service?
Yes, we can, please send me the details and we will assist you to place an order.
5. Can I visit your factory?
Yes, sure. Please tell us your arrival location and time. For our location, please refer to our "contact us" page.
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