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Add: North of Xinxu Road, Shahekou, Lianyungang Eco.&Tech. Development Zone, Jiangsu 222006 China.
Ph: 86-518-858-63210
Fax: 86-518-85692142
Email: info@rice-machines.com
          ghosh@rice-machines.com (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan Area)
WhatsApp ID: +8618651738887
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Bus / Car  
Shanghai Lianyungang 479km 5.0 hr
Beijing Lianyungang 809km 10.5hr
Qingdao Lianyungang 284km 3.5hr
Nanjing Lianyungang 320km 4.0hr
Shanghai Lianyungang 479km 9.0 hr
Qingdao Lianyungang 284km 7.0hr
Nanjing Lianyungang 320km 7.0hr
Beijing Lianyungang 809km 1.5 hr
Shanghai Lianyungang 479km 1.0 hr
Guangzhou Lianyungang 1720km 2.5 hr

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