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Mainly used for milling hull rice and crushing the husk into fine chaff that can be used for forage.

Product features

1. It has two sets of disk mill /grinder device, husk is crushed two times, higher efficiency & finer chaff.
2. First, the device hulls, then mills the rice.
3. Good quality white rice; low temperature rise; small bran content; low broken rice rate & high rice output rate.
4. Compact structure, and convenient operation and repair.

Main technical parameters

Type Capacity (Kg/h) Power (Kw) Notes
HLNF115S 900-1100 18.5-22  
HLNF150S 1300-1500 22-30  

Type Item
Rice hulling rubber roller dimensions (mm) φ223×152 φ223×152
Fast roller speed (r/min) 1210 1210
Husk crushing machine speed (r/min) 3800 3800
Rice roller speed( r/min) 900 880
Fine bran crushing machine speed (r/min) 3770 3770
Rice roller dimensions φ115×225 φ138×240
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