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HTM Company staff training

Huantai Machinery co,ltd  invited four instructors of the Armed Forces to train our workers in the cold of winter.  In the cold winter, by standing, walking, queues, etc. the overall coordination of staff training and team cohesion was undoubtedly improved, although the weather was cold we all earnestly and tirelessly continued to encourage each other and help each other, and in the end, we successfully completed the military training. Everyone complied with and obeyed commands, and their unity and fighting spirit further strengthened the company's cohesion. We believe that such an indomitable spirit that dares to contend with the winter will push us to create higher efficiency in 2011, to achieve more economic growth. 

During the Military training period, the company also held training sessions in the fields of: welding technology, mechanical drawing, metal material and heat treatment, machine tools, electrical equipment maintenance and repair, computer knowledge and other business and technical knowledge training. At the same time, managers also watched the "management and organization system business management training" seminars.
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