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ZCT1000+ Packing System
combines cleaning, de-stoning, husking, separating, whitening, and grading/sifting, Packaging, Sealing function in a combination that’s unavailable in any other machine on the market. It starts with innovative design and highly efficient transmission technology that provide unbeatable milling performance with a minimum of complexity.  It is suitable for famers & small scale business etc.


1.  Automatic operation from the paddy loading to finished white rice
2.  Easy operating, only 2 persons can operate this plant(one load raw paddy, another one to pack rice)
3.  Easy installation for beginner,  no need of skilled engineer.
4.  UNIQUE “Return Husking” design, improves milling yield.
5.  Build-in Paddy Separator, very high separating performance
6.  Creative “Emery Roll Whitening” Design, improved whitening accuracy.
7.  High quality white rice & fewer broken
8.  Dual-Air Jet Whitening/Polishing Design, Low rice temperature, the less bran remains
9.  Equipped with Rice Grader System to improve the head rice level
10. Improved transmission system, extend the lifespan of wearing parts.
11.  All contact parts of SS (Stainless Steel)food grade on Packer.
12.  Automatic Weighing & Filling & Sealing, only manually grip the open mouth of bag.
13.  Automatic Fill or Manual Foot Switch
14.  Automatic Cutting off thread function.
15.  Automatic date printing (MFG/Expiry date,Batching No., only for heat sealing module)
16.  Automatic counter
17.  Total less than 30kWh power consumption.
18.  Low investment & high return
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