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1TPH Mini Modern Automatic Rice Mill Plant / 24TPD Mini Complete Rice Milling Plant /
1TPH Micro Rice Mill Plant / 1TPH Small Rice Mill Plant/ 1TPH Mini Rice Plant


Operation Guide Video:

The New ZCT Series combines cleaning, de-stoning, husking, separating, whitening, and grading/sifting function in a combination that’s unavailable in any other machine on the market. It starts with innovative design and highly efficient transmission technology that provide unbeatable milling performance with a minimum of complexity.  It is suitable for famers & small scale business etc.


1. Automatic operation from the paddy loading to finished white rice

2. Integrated appearance design, more convenient installation & minimized space

3. UNIQUE “Return Husking” design, improves milling yield.

4. Build-in Paddy Separator, very high separating performance

5. Creative “Emery Roll Whitening” Design, improved whitening accuracy.

6. High quality white rice & fewer broken

7. Dual-Air Jet Whitening/Polishing Design, Low rice temperature, the less bran remains

8. Equipped with Rice Grader System to improve the head rice level

9. Build-in Power Distribution Cabinet & Control Panel, more convenient operation.

10. Improved transmission system, extend the lifespan of wearing parts.

11. Low investment & high return


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