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Operation Guide Video:

Range of Application:

Quantitative packaging for particulate material in the industries of grain, rice, feed and chemical industry (chemical fertilizer)

1. Easy installation for beginner, no need of skilled engineer.
2. All contact parts of SS (Stainless Steel)food grade on Packer, corrosion resistant, long lifespan
3. Automatic Weighing & Filling & Sealing, only manually grip the open mouth of bag.
4. Automatic Fill or Manual Foot Switch
5. Automatic Cutting off thread function.
6. Automatic date printing (MFG/Expiry date, Batching No., only for heat sealing module)
7. Adopting high precision sensor and intelligent display control meter. Operating without interfering the other with both high precision and speed.
8. Automatically amends fall, has overriding alarm and automatic malfunction detection, as well as packing data display, etc. 
9. Uses internationally known famous brand process switch and pneumatic actuator, which is stable, reliable and easily maintained.
10. With a wide range of packing weight, the machine has many uses, reducing consumer spending.
11. Can be equipped with accessory: heat sealing machine, sewing machine and transportation machine.

Main technical parameters:

Model Rated Packing Weight (kg) Division Value(g) Packing Accuracy Packing Speed(bags/h) Power Kw
DCS-5H 1-5 2 0.2%F.S 5-25KG≥720


DCS-15H 2-15 5 0.2%F.S
DCS-50H 5-50 10 0.1%F.S
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