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Range of Application:
Mainly used for grading of grains according their thickness.

Product features:
1. Separates according to the thickness grade of the materials.
2. Can separate immature kernels and broken rice exactly.
3. Compact in structure, uses chain transmission, reduces the loss of transmission.
4. Durable, effective high quality screen tube.
5. Automatic cleaning screen tube function.

Main technical parameters:

Type Capacity
Power (Kw) Packing Size(L*W*H)mm Gross Weight(KG)
HDFJ400 4000 1.1 2020*1130*2065 620
HDFJ600 6000 1.1 2020*1130*2460 820
HDFJ800 7500 1.5 2020*1240*2830 1020
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